Kid Fit

Is a fun energetic kids fitness program that not only develops their physical skills and fundamental movement patterns such as strength, coordination, stamina, gymnastics, flexibility plus much more but it also develops their cognitive skills through important life lessons such as respect, discipline, conflict/resolution, focus, healthy lifestyle and human anatomy just to name a few. Kids get a hands on holistic approach to learning that develops them as a whole.




Barbell Club

Whether is Olympic weightlifting or power lifting the barbell doesn’t lie to you, numbers are numbers, kilos are kilos. Our Barbell club with help you gain strength, coordination, power and speed though the barbell and accessary work.The most unexpected people fall in love with the barbell and the power it has.


Personal Training

Either 1 on 1 or booked in small groups our personal training session will give you the tools and encouragement to keep attacking your goals head on.


Program Design

To get you to your optimum athletic level personal program design is the best path of getting you there, with our highly experienced and qualified coaches a program tailored to your personal needs is created after rigorous testing stages with constant communication.