For the Love of MOVEMENT! 


This was the Primary Goal and driving factor behind the Team that came together and formulated the idea for a CrossFit Facility in Mandurah.  The idea grew into a plan, the plan into a goal and the goal has now fully developed into CrossFit Mandurah.


Our Mission……


To create and provide a world class facility in Mandurah that gives the opportunity to our clients to change their lives around to optimum health and performance through movement, nutrition and mindset while leaving a distinct track in the path we have walked.




  • Make it Enjoyable… Didn’t you know, Fitness CAN be fun!


  • Make it Inclusive… There is no Age, Gender or Fitness pre-requisite at CrossFit Mandurah, EVERYONE CAN DO IT!


  • Make it Work… The results are measurable, the experience is contagious, the benefits are numerous and the community is amazing.


  • Education through workshops and seminars.
  • Adam Wanstall Coach

    Adam has been in the fitness industry for several years beginning when he graduated year 12 in 2005 and started playing SBL Basketball for a few years while increasing his knowledge in fitness. Shortly after finding CrossFit for himself, and seeing the benefits and efficiency of it, he began studying mix modal training and started using it himself then with men and women coaching at CFM. Adam has experience coaching kids, the general public, and fitness enthusiasts, high level athletes on program design and personal training and group classes. Adam has dedicated his life to continue to grow as an athlete and a coach and has learned from experiencing what he teaches firsthand. His competitive attitude keeps him striving to see the full athletic potential in himself and helps motivate his clients to achieve more than what they thought possible. His experiences with personal training and his friendly personality make him a perfect fit for all clients no matter what your goals are. To have a consult with Adam for personal training or program design contact him [email protected]


    Cert 3 and 4 in fitness Master Trainer
    CrossFit Level 1
    CrossFit Gymnastics
    CrossFit Strongman OPEX (OPT) Level 1
    Assessment and Program Design

  • Jo Gallerno Coach

    Jo is one of the head coaches at CrossFit Mandurah. She started being interested in CrossFit around 4 years ago. Jo has always had an interest in fitness and started as anaerobia’s coach at les mills when she was 16. Then coached boxing for 4 years before becoming a personal trainer at aged 22. Along the way Jo had three children but continued to have a desire to push my boundaries in different fields of fitness. When Jo heard about CrossFit it was an automatic connection. The variety of movements and the mental and physical toughness that was needed was something that appealed other. After being involved in CrossFit for a year Jo decided that she wanted to become coach. Jo currently has her level 1 trainer’s certificate, CrossFit strongman trainer’s certificate as well as the CrossFit trainer’s certificate. She also has a strong passion for oly lifting as it compliments CrossFit well and helps with technique which can then pass on as a coach.

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